11 September 2020

The Netherlands




​- International convention -

11th September 2020 (9/11), The Netherlands


Restoring ethics and legal foundations in healthcare

Medical and/or juridical professionals, policy makers and senior managers are invited to attend the emergency deliberation

Speaker list

The current Corona ‘lockstep’ has forced humanity into a global medical and moral emergency.

Numerous honest and independent expert voices have been raised bringing us undeniable proof and clear evidence that the scientific Covid-19 narrative needs examination and investigation. These voices are being ignored and  censored by the mainstream media and governments. Now it is up to us, medical and legal professionals, to inform ourselves and each other and to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the Covid-19 case.

We can no longer continue to base our protocols and practices on dysfunctional systems that do not take accountability for their actions and consequently do not serve humanity. Blind obedience and acquiescence to the current policies of governmental and supranational organizations is no longer responsible.

​Our legal and medical professions need immediate re-calibration and redemption. During the M.E.E.D. international experts will shed light on the unjust and incoherent ​medical, juridical and ethical aspects of the current situation. Deliberation will follow after each speech. This will be the arena for debate. All participants are invited to join in the open discussion.

Three (biological) experiments are momentarily being conducted on humanity, on a scale we have never seen before. The Corona measures result in destructive economical, physical and psychological effects on society, which are strongly disproportional to the goal of controlling the proclaimed pandemic. A potential dna alterning vaccine is about to be rolled out whilst there is great uncertainty regarding the (long-term) safety of the vaccine for the current and coming generations. The clear scientific proof of biological effects from ever increasing EMF radiation is systematically ignored, ridiculed and censored.

We are (and should be) accountable for every step we take. Liability for our actions will be on us, individual doctors, lawyers and judges.

Result and goal of the M.E.E.D. will be a solid ethical and legal international convention which will form a foundation for future policies and actions, rooted in independent science and truth.

We gladly invite you to participate in the deliberation on the 11th of September. Details on the location will follow after we have received your subscription. We kindly ask you for a donation of 75 euro, which can be paid via a bank transfer (details will follow after subscription) or on the day itself. Food and drinks are included.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona measures, we have limited seats available.


Please note: access to the meeting is for medical and legal professionals only.

We the people have to take back the power and protect our children and all of humanity against genetic experiments.

Medical and Ethical Emergency Deliberation
RSVP Closed
11 sep. 2020 09:30 – 20:00
Buitenplaats de Bergse Bossen,
Traaij 299, 3971 GM Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands