A clear and solid call to action

I invite colleagues and all people to walk the path with me; reclaiming our professional autonomy, our human identity and our sovereignty.

I am grateful to this corona-crisis for it offers us this unique opportunity for a global re-calibration of healthcare and return to truth.

Elke Françoise de Klerk, M.D.


Let us end it now!

This conference will provide us the chance to take a sharp look at various legal and criminal aspects of this Corona crisis. We shall state a firm legal verdict to dismantle and disengage from current policies.

Now or never!

Sven Ake Hulleman, Lawyer


Return to our senses

Balance on all levels is the result of living our true potential. For the integration of knowledge, insight, trust and intuition leads to clarity, wisdom, unity and respect for life itself. It is time for humanity to step out of a false reality. It is time to return to our senses.

Iris Huizing, Communication specialist and Consciousness coach